Is there a big difference in practice between 24mph and 35mph?

Let’s say you’re comfortable with your current ESK8 build. A longboard that goes ~ 22-25 mph. And you upgrade so you can peak 35mph is there a big difference in practice between 24mph and 35mph?. Or do i need new trucks stiffer deck new bushings a Focbox unity or Vesc 6.6 to feel comfortable or is it all the riders ability? Mee for example my only experince is a meepo v2.

Sorry but i’am not good att forums and writing in english not my native thoung.

Although a lot comes down to the riders ability, better hardware definitely helps. (Even the best riders can only control speed wobbles to a certain degree, and it’s always better to not have them at all.)

Unless you’ll be somehow upgrading your existing meepo to go that fast (which I doubt), you’ll need new hardware anyway, so just buy something that others have verified to be good at the speed you want to go at :slight_smile:

I highly recommend you read this:

to get a better idea of how to increase stability on your board by simply changing the angle of your trucks.


You will feel a signifigant jump in speed and youll be forced to ride differently.Its very noticeably different from 22MPH -> 28MPH to be honest


I’d say the difference is roughly 17.7 kph.


I find it a huge difference. I am totally comfortable to 40kmh (25mph) but I don’t have to look at a speedo to know when I am going 45kmh - I almost shit my pants at that speed. so only 5kmh difference but a total different feeling of safety in my case. My board stays stable all the time, It’s kind of a mind game. I imagine I can outrun 40kmh (which I don’t) in case of a incident but I can’t outrun anything above…


You will experience more speed wobbles at those speeds if you don’t have the right setup and the experience to control them. The guide that @rusins linked will help a lot with finding the right angle to be stable at those speeds. I go 30MPH just about everyday on cheap trucks I got off of ebay and you get used to it and you learn how to control it. I’m already working on a faster board because I’m used to 30MPH and I’d like some more speed. I will obviously be buying better trucks for those speeds though.

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Although it may not seem like it numerically, ~23 to 30 is a big jump in speed. Like others have mentioned split angles help loads and good urethane in your trucks pivot cup and bushing seat are always good to have at higher speeds to keep everything smooth and predictable.

30ish is where I usually want to stop accelerating and get a bit scared that I’ll streetface myself.


One difference is likelihood and severity of injury if you take a fall. one source claims that a 20mph fall of about a one story fall, whereas a 30mph fall is like a 3 story fall

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What is your current build components? Deck, wheels, trucks, risers…

I didn’t open the link but is that like, speed to full stop? If so, that logic makes sense. Otherwise, gear up, speed when the coast is clear, don’t push your limits flying by blunt obstacles (trees, electrical boxes, cars, etc) and most of the time if you fall going fast you just tear up your protective gear a bit, slide and/or tumble to a stop. Falling at 50mph left me with little more than some minor scrapes and soreness. 50mph into a wall and I’m sure I’d be dead, thankfully it happened in an open road with 0 traffic.

To answer OP: yes, big difference between 25 and 35. For me, I start getting antsy around 35+. Like others suggested, dewedge your rear truck. Get harder low rebound (ala riptide WFB) bushings, chubby barrels in the rear. Either way, to set your board up to be stable at 35+ mph, you will be compromising to some extent on maneuverability until you get used to the speed and feel confident riding at those speeds regardless of setup. Be safe.


Yes 10char

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Pretty sure it’s full stop. I pretty much did a 30 to 0 full stop into a railing on my bicycle last august, and it turned my arm into a slinky. 3 surgeries and 5 months out of action.

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For me yes that is a big difference in speed , 25mph it’s possible to carve , 30mph and above it’s straight lines only but this is just me , everyone is different and has different ability and of course different set ups


For equipment I don’t think there’s that big of a difference necessarily. There’s setups that just can’t go that fast, but there’s also plenty of setups that easily span both speeds. If you’re already pushing it to go 25, then going 35 probably won’t happen.

But in terms of how it feels and how it behaves and how much energy is going on, its a huge difference.

I remember my first time going fast, and its like when you turn a little bit the board moves to the left or right with so much energy and quickly with a ton of response.

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Yeah you are going to need a VESC because the stock meepo esc has few things holding it back.

You cannot run 12s and you cannot push more than 12-15 amps per motor. For hubs voltage = top speed and at speeds higher than 22-25mph the amp requirements go up to counteract resistant forces. I run the stock esc at 11s and get to 27mph but any sort of incline or strong wind will slow me down.

First time I broke 30mph was “oh shit this feels way faster than I’m used to.”

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No I have no plans on upgradeing my meepo. I want to build a dual drive with vesc. And to go that speed and have the board under 10Kg (22Ibs) i need to go with 12s.

price wise without the battery and BMS can i build a good one under 500USD? Like Flipsky vesc on aliexpress is 52 USD. Dual APS 6355 190KV 75USD each. any good deck recomendation for 30 miles daily comute(15 miles staights mostly flat) I’am 90kg 200ibs.

Living in EU

i have never had a setup, to feel safe at 35+ and that too is for just a moment, 24 is completly casuuall, thw diffrerence for me is huge.

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ah my bad I misread. Flipsky 4.2 Dual PLUS is a viable option I think. The non-plus has issues with high amp draw. The plus version @12s on BLDC with moderate amp limits should be okay but I would comb through some threads to be sure.

As for building your own battery/board make sure you’ve read these:


Good luck!

When I go fast I tend to push my feet out wards and try to lean as forward as possible. I’ve gotted up to the upper 40mph range top speed and it was always stable

Just so you know, you don’t need 12S to reach 35mph. I had my 10S reach 49mph, the best part about belts is you can change gearing all you want to get the speed or torque you desire.

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