Is there a big problem with using this (Bat to VESC) wiring setup?

From what I gathered is that I will not have:

  • a Power Switch
  • no Anti-Spark Protection
  • and I might have some heat issues since the XT’s are rated to higher temps than these 5.5mm.

I will use Voltage Buzzers to keep track of the voltage. Besides that, what do you think of this straightforward series setup?

Seems correct except I would make or get a anti spark

Okay I will look for some adapters since I really don’t want to solder XT-60 connectors to batteries. Seems like a whole different game compared to soldering on PCBs.

I soldered an XT-60 to my 6s battery with minimal experience and it works fine. I don’t think it’s that hard :slight_smile:

Not hard just worried about blowing up the battery haha

trust me, unless you are a complete idiot, you’ll be fine.

If you really dont want to change the battery conenctors, put an xt90s on the vesc connection.

I think you’ll be fine! Most important rules are,

  1. Don’t snip both wires in 1 go. Snip 1 at a time so you don’t short it with your scissors/wire cutters

  2. Electrical tape the bare lead on the wire you’re not working on to avoid a short.

  3. Insulate a soldered lead as soon as your done to avoid a short while working on the next one.


I am going to skip on changing the batteries but I will change the VESC connectors.

Was figuring it out and thought I post my soon-to-be adapter setup. VESC > XT-90S Female > XT-90 Male to XT-60 Female > XT-60 Male to 5.5mm > Batteries

Thanks for confirming my current setup will work though!

Hi, can you explain why its important to have an anti spark thing?

Sparks cause carbon build up which affects the quality of your connection. Anti spark does exactly as it says and prevents sparks when connecting your circuit.

Found another adapter! Jeti AFC Anti-Spark Connectors 5.5mm (150A) Would just need to replace one connector from the VESC and done!