Is there a way to have Reverse Drive Forward Drive and brake at the same time?

I’m trying to have braking reversing and forward drive at the same time in my remote, but I cant figure out how to do it in BLDC tool and I dont really feel like messing around too much with the settings cuz i know some settings might break my system.

And on the remote control when I apply a fraction of the throttle it goes way too fast too quick Capture

Use Ackmaniac’s firmware and VESC-Tool, it has what you want. As for “too fast too quick”, that’s normal for current mode. This mode does not control speed but rather current. Think of it like a throttle in a car. The speed depends on the load.

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so I have to install the firmware and the tool for it to work?

“Current” in the normal BLDC- or VESC-Tool will give you reverse and braking but it’s a little unpredictable. Ackmaniac’s implementation is better if you really need reverse. And yes, you will have to use his tool and firmware.

I’m kinda scared I waited for 2 months for my focbox and i just got it yesterday and I dont want to break it with a firmware update so I will try the current mode you recommended thanks alot King

Im moving all the buttons on my remote on current mode but no braking only reverse and forward

Yep, that’s what it does. Have you tried riding it? Going into reverse with some speed will brake first then go into reverse. Not the best implementation but it works.

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oh i see, thanks