Is there an alarm setting in VESC 6 if the battery is low?

Hi everyone, I’ve been riding my DIY board cautiously for 3 months now since my board cuts out on me when it hits 20% or 3.4V. It has sent me flying twice without any voltage sag or any warning. I built my own battery out of 12s12P 18650 Molicel P28. The problem is I can’t feel any voltage sag or warning that the battery is on low voltage when it cuts out. The ESC doesn’t turn off after the cut. Is there any setting in the VESC to set a warning (vibration) to the remote when the voltage is low? I use a Flipsky VX2 remote. I’ve used other boards before and they all gave me a vibration warning when voltage is low. I can’t seem to find that setting in the VESC. Here are my settings and the specs. I’m a noob so any help would be much appreciated.

Here are the specs:

100A JBD Smart BMS(Chinese) both for charge and discharge.

Maker X DV6 Pro

Molicel P28 12S12P

Flipsky 7684 14KV motor

Flipsky VX2 remote