Is there an alternate app I can use instead of Blink's "ACTON" app?

Is there a “generic” alternative to the Blink skateboard Android “ACTON” app that can be used to set the board profiles…maybe even collect some data? I’d like to change the board performance from the factory default settings without depending on and using the Blink app.

App id on Google store=, name=ACTON

I learned Blink’s Android app to customize board performance, track data, etc. requires a minimum of Android 4.3, and instead of using my good phone, the trash phone I want to use with the board is at Android 4.1. Rather than jailbreak my old phone to install Android 6, I’m hoping an “open-source” or other app will work on my Android 4.1 phone in place of ACTON.

Is there such an app? Two requirements for the app:

  1. Compatible with at least Android 4.1
  2. Can be used “as-is” instead of Blink’s Android app=ACTON (note: I don’t care about any “Blink user network” function. Just want the ability to setup the board profiles and use the tracking data if possible)

This was pretty much an unexpected deal. Bought a “non-functional” board and I expected the worst…to just scavenge some parts. However, was able to repair it. Thus, the need for an app came up.

Did you find any other app to use with the Board?