Is there any reason this wouldn't work?

Hi, So, I’m designing my enclosures to accomodate two seperate 1s 4p packs in either side with a channel in the middle for cables and I wanted to make sure that my plan for battery pack construction isn’t going to cause any problems.

Here is a mock up of how it will be constructed:

Brown wire shown won’t be used.

Basically the same as chaka outlined here.

I will solder the female 4.5mm bullet connector straight to the copper 1.5mm x 10mm bar on the positive side, the positive ends of the batteries will have 2x 0.2mm x 10mm nickel strips spot welded to them then 0.71mm tinned copper wire (rated for max 25A) soldered to the nickel and copper.

On the negative end a 22 gauge wire with a male bullet connector will be soldered to the copper bus bar and 2 x nickel stripes will be soldered onto the negatives of the batterires onto the copper bus bar.

The whole thing will be wrapped in clear heat shrink.

There won’t be any problems constructing like this will there? Just wanted to double check…

Make sure the fuse wires won’t be disturbed by the heatshrink.

It would be helpful to draw out a quick wiring diagram of what you intend to do, I’m a little too distracted at work right now to puzzle out your description.

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Sorry, I’m not particular good at explaining myself. Do you mean a wiring diagram for the entire battery or just the individual 1s 4p packs?

A complete diagram would be great.

Here is a wiring diagram:

Batteries in the diagram are 1s 4p.


Yeah, that looks doable.

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Cool, thank you for confirming that for me.

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