Is There anything i am forgetting About

I am about to build an electric longboard, and I’m not really shure if I’m forgetting about something, of if there would be better options

Still debating about what longboard I’m going to use Thinking about the rayne demonseed, the rayne Amazon or to buy an other board I do want to be able to put pneumatic wheels on there (smallest size possible)

Already ordered the torqueboards kit 218mm trucks 15mm belts reverse mount 190kv 6355 motors Pully for wheels and motors

What I still need to order is Focbox unity or the flipsky 6.6 plus but I’m pretty shure it’s going to be the focbox Battery pre build 12s5p Samsung 30q with enclosure on And a flipsky vx2 remote

If the e build gods on this forum have and or know any better options, please let me know

Brother, the vast majority of strong builders have left this forum and gone to the new one. Come over and you’ll get all the help you need. (Check my profile.)

What is the other forum?

forum. esk8. news