Is this a good remote? Need help finding a cheap remote, but good remote


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It’s meant to be good. Few people have it but there’s no compliants



I’ve seen this remote, but it looks really cheap! I don’t want a cheap material remote, I want something that looks good too

That’s actaully very good quality remote


HA! You should be banned for that too lol. The Mini is one of the best most affordable, most reliable remote around. Check yourself lol


I’m just asking, sorry that I don’t like the design

I also want a remote that I can recharge

Get it then they are both good

Thanks, I’m probably going to get the alien power, because I like the design of it


like what @JLabs tagged, these are brilliant

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Are there anyway to transfer a different case

It’s the only remote I have used for 2 years and it hasn’t yet failed me. No dropouts ever. It’s available on eBay for as low as $18. I have 2 boards with 2 of those remote.

I’ll take your word for it

You have to modify the Mini Remote yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


They don’t call it DIY for no reason.

Seriously though, the batteries last such a long time even when not rechargable. You want the Mini Remote. It’s exactly what you want.


The mini is great. Guts are tiny, fit in anything. Battery lasts weeks.

image image image image


I have the APS remote. It has a very sensitive throttle. So I with my fat fingers have some problems to us the breaks without to fly from my board. Other people seem to have no issues but for me it´s not fit. You also can pair only one receiver, so in case you plan to use 2 or more receiver, that will not work.

If somebody is interested I have one for sale :rofl: used only once but shipping would be only after new year…

How much are you selling it for

new it was about 55$ i think 40$ plus 5$ shipping would be nice. On ebay you can get it more cheap :wink:

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Oh, your in Russia! Shipping would be way over my budget, and not trying to spend more the 40$ on a remote, but thanks for the offer