Is this a JST connector?

Does someone know if the connector in the bottom left (green/green/black/red) is a JST 4 pin connector? it’s the power switch of a DIYEboard ESC and I want to use a different switch. I have a switch, but I don’t want to cut/reuse the original one. So If I order a 4 pin JST, would it fit? Unfortunately I don’t have a better picture right now, but I can upload one later this week.

Yes, 4pin JST-ZHR connector.

Not all switches will work with the ESC. Which one do you have?

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@BoostedBuilder Thats the switch I have.

2nd quastion. Are balance wire extension cables also JST? For example these. They look really similar.

I am just wondering if i’d be able to get them on a trip to the RC store. Shipping takes ridiculously long…

Yes, second from the left is a JST-ZRH 4. Why do you want to change the button. One you linked is very similar.

The original one is chrome with blue light. It is really hard to see if the light is on because the button is so shiny. I have a black one with white light. I hope it’s easier to the wether its on or off. Plus is looks better on a black enclosure :smile:

Thanks for the quick answers. I’ll head to the RC store this week :wink:

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I took a closer look, connector of the button is a JST-PHR, but ZHR will work too on your ESC. Give it a shot, I think the button should work. Same concept.

Black does indeed look cleaner on a black enclosure : )

thanks, I will give it a try. The Pin-to-Pin Pitch difference is 0.5mm from XH to PH and also from PH to ZH. So we will see if it works.