Is this balance charger any good?

I’m currently building a 6s setup (2x 5000mah 3s 25c). Is this charger any good?

I’m leaning towards the above charger over the regular imax b6 everyone uses because of its simplicity and size. Has anyone ever used this before, are there any other chargers you could recommend?

Thank you!

If the specs are true then the price is good and you should get it. In my opinion.

@mm6ix it might be OK, but the low price concerns me. My rule of thumb has been that “if failure can start a fire; spend more money.” It seems to have the key features you want for a 6S charger. You’ll need plug to match your connectors.

I would stick to a known charger, or at least make sure that you’re nearby when using it (and use a fireproof bag for your LIPO).

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I’m gonna go for it. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on it while it charges. Thank @treenutter nd @Mikee

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Report back to us if you like it @mm6ix !

For sure! 2934i09234-23i4-3

Personally i’d spend the extra $ like @treenutter said.

Some other things to consider for anyone else who stumbles across this - while this is a “compact” and more basic charger for less $ - it’s also missing a lot of the more useful features and ease of use. Like an LCD and AC/DC power supply.

The LCD to change settings on the B6AC (and v2) gives you a quick menu to adjust Amps (faster/slower charging) as well as do some diagnostics. I use and like Internal Resistance feature - to see if a cell is going bad, or general health of the pack. That’s pretty invaluable IMO - especially when trying to troubleshoot a suspect pack.

Add in the temp sensor option of the B6AC (and iCharger and others) (shuts off if temp sensor exceeds a set temp), which is extra cost for the sensor ($5-10), but a great way to ensure no thermal issue on a pack equals a fire. Even in your lipo bag or other fireproof container.

So before you go bottom-dollar cheap equipment, consider how critical this process is to safely charge your batteries. I don’t think everyone needs an iCharger (though i love my 306b), but quality equipment to make sure you are charging safely is definitely worth a bit extra $ IMO.

hi, i have some question to ask about the charger.

i have 2 4s 5000mah 20c lipo battery, not yet buy the balance charger yet. due to budget tight, if i buy imax b6 mini, it only can charge 4s battery one by one. if i using parallel board to charge together, will it hurt battery? my fren told me that, if two battery difference voltage left, the higher voltage will charge to lower voltage. it will hurt the lower voltage battery. is it true? if i using 5.0a to charge, it will take around one hour plus to fully charge rite?

or i need get bigger power charger? but for my mind set, i wan protect my battery well, will not charge over 5.0a (1c). hope u can help me. i am setup my first build now. thank you Ben

The biggest missing ingredient is power. I charge at 400watts and still charging under 1c , wish I had an 800 watt charger. This at 5o watts will take forever. Personally I chose bulk charger w battery medic like things to monitor and balance. Don’t know prices but maybe less expensive. But time is money so maybe way cheaper!

So ur recommand is using bigger power of balance charger? I found a used duo charger in singapore used item website. dynamite passport ultra duo. Can charge two of my 4cells together. Would it be a best choice?

That looks pretty cool actually. I didn’t go thorough all its features but I’m assuming it balance charges packs up to 6s. Very nice and simple. Really nice for what it is. Slower but looks great Assuming it doesn’t also need a power supply, if t does it goes down a notch but still nice. I like how there’s no screen it does it all