Is this battery any good?

To all you experienced builders out there: Is this battery any good?

Specs: Minimum Capacity: 8000mAh Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6Cell Constant Discharge: 10C Peak Discharge (10sec): 20C Pack Weight: 956g Pack Size: 142 x 49 x 63mm Charge Plug: JST-XH Discharge Plug: XT90

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There have been many posts about this. In general, it’s not that good. If you want many mAh, yes, but the C rating is false - it’s more like 2-3c (lots of voltage sag).

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no it’s not.

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simply put no, It has a bad reputation.

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and this one? is this any good?

This one is much better. I switched from 25c to 45c. The 45c battery has far less voltage sag and way more punch to it. It also gave me more range. I’ve got no regrets. :slight_smile:

Are you limited in space? While you can run on a single 6S you’ll get better results with 3x 2s batteries in series

I got the 2x 5200mah 6s versions of those and ran them in parallel. I can definitely confirm after 3.8v theres a lot of voltage sag. but from 4.2v-3.8v its not that noticeable. and i got some pretty steep hills where I live and I can go up most of them. but if im going full speed then want to go up a steep hill it would’nt preform very well.

If you can I would buy different batteries

I was thinking in putting 2 in series to try the mtb then I would parallel another pair to extend the range What do you guys think?

I dont know anything about mtb but i’d assume you’d need to climb some decent hills and need high amps which those batterys wont be to good at

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It’s better if you put your packs in parallel first, then series. That way your batteries will always balance themselves.

On a mtb you definitely need a much higher discharge rate. HK lipos C ratings are exagerated, a 60C might only deliver 18-20C so you definitely need more packs. @Namasaki has a very good lipo setup so you just take a look at his build

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i just bought those multistar ones but in a 10ah version. haven’t had a chance to test em yet but even if they suck, they were ment to be backups anyway

Hello everybody can I use this cell to build a 10s battery with 50A ?

With this controller For this wheel hub motor THX ^^

No, those are meant for tablets.

It has protection circuitry and because of that and other factors a low charge and discharge rating.

Okay ^^ thanks ! So what cell are in standard lipo battery for RC toys and stuff ? Anyone have dissassembed it ?

I was using Multistar 4s 10000mAh to get 12s (3x4s) and I HIGHLY NOT recommend those batteries. That “10C” is far away from reality. I used them under 50A load only and they puffed already. So…no, they are not good :slight_smile:

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