Is this ESC suitable?

I know this is probably an obvious question so I apologise for my lack of experience as I am new to this.

Is this ESC not powerful enough for 8s Lipo? I am using 2x 4s 5Ah 25-35C Lipos in series and I would’ve thought the current matches the ESC but the ESC is supposedly only 2-6s? Is it worth a try?

Never over volt an ESC…it’ll turn to got toast in a hurry

Isn’t it out of stock? Usually we would use a VESC (or a copy of one) but RC car ESCs do work… programing them can suck but it’s possible. Maybe look for a 1:5 scale depending on how much you plan to abuse it. The best ones you can get would be the stuff from Castle Creations, @MoeStooge makes some serious beasts from 8s lipos and 1:5 scale ESCs

it said to 6s so I wouldn’t do that lol. Just get a vesc it’s not much more

I am on a tight budget so I don’t want to go too high. Is this more the sort of thing I should use? It shouldn’t matter that the cont. discharge of my batteries is higher than the rated current of the VESC as it only draws what it needs right?


This is better for sure. You can set mild limits using vesc tool and then gradually increase them to suit your needs.

Yep that’s better. Look for other options, they’re usually $50 usd or a little less even.

I might catch shit for this but don’t get an HGLRC or flipsky VESC, 4.12 or 6.6 based because every other post on this forum and the good one is people having troubles with their dual VESCs and I do believe that VESC is old enough to use the 4.7ohm caps that cause signal dropouts from the remote. Maytech 6.8 or OG Focbox or VESC 6.6 unless youre willing to risk your health to save $20

I haven’t heard about the signal drop out though, I’ve ran the FSESC 4.12s and 6.6+ without issues personally.

OG Focbox is probably best & most reliable. Hard to pick up & is at least 2x the cost of the 4.12s. Vesc 6 is like 5x more.

The makerx dual esc does look promising at a cheap price.

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I agree with everything you say but I heard the makerx line of VESCs got cancelled because stewii, the creator of them went radio silent and no one has heard from him for months.

That was ESCape esc. Those I hear are good

MakerX is a new-er brand, kind of like flipsky but seems to be decent from reviews.

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