Is this layout gonna be ok for 9s? Please help thx

So i know theres alot of connectors. But that im ok with. It is the length of the wiring that im not sure of. Does anyone see a problem here? They will be 3s lipos…

Im thinking about putting a fuse on there too. Can anyone recommend a fuse? 40-45A i suppose?


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Looks good. But if you have the means to do it, shorten those wires. It will help out greatly with space.

Space im not concerned about either. Thats fine😁 small battery going on big board. The ESC is tiny too. Thanks

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Then yeah you’re good bruv.

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I think particularly the concern is the space between 1 of the 3 lipos is bigger… not by much but it passes thru the connector as well. ?

It’s fine, no need to worry

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Now I see what you’re asking. You’re still good though. That distance isn’t going to cause anything to worry about. Wire her up and ride.

Thanks for the help here.

@Nedtrampz For the fuse, the value depends on your battery and your ESC’s settings and specs

Ofcoarse it does friend but that doesnt answer my question… Thats why i said i want one between 40-45A…

Im running my power thru xt60’s which only have a max of 60Amps. My esc max is 50A and my battery pushes 35A so 40-45 fuse is what i want.

Any ideas

Ill be drawing around somewhere around 30A from my bats.

Depending on the kind of fuse you will get, I’d say 45A or 50A (some fuses are faster to cut current than others)

So u gonna recommend something?