Is this legit? 12s4p with charger for 350?

I was googling for a 12s battery and found this:|GMC|pla|1670756630|64004387279|424274730|pla-296557785071|103006019|US|ecodream|m|2|#pd-103

Anyone know if this is legit?

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Too good to be true

Over 100 transactions and 100%positive feedback though … cant lie Nd say i am not tempted

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eh maybe, i mean Miami electric has a 12s3p pack with no bms for 199$ (clear out sale)


Cost of a 12s4p pack is 170eur in europe in cells only, price wise it seems legit

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If this pack is legit quality, how much should parts cost?

In Europe around 200eur plus work

What about in the us? Slightly less for vat?

not sure, basically the price you pay for the cells+30 for bms

How much is shrinkwrap/fishpaper/kapton tape/wires/connectors/nickel/etc if our make a single battery? 40?

not that much if you already had the supplies

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Worthless, a kilo of shrinkwrap is 80 cents and thats around 30 meters, nickel is 40eur per kilo thats if i remember about 70 meters, wires are dirt cheap from china especially if you buy them bulk

anyways materials in china in “bulk” would be less than 10$ for sure

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