Is this lipo repairable?

I was spot welding, and all was good, then I went to have some cheesecake and returned after an hour and suddenly I would get low voltage errors from my spot welder and would hear pops inside the lipo

I waited 30 min to see if it would catch fire or not and then decided to open it up and one of the aluminum strips was broken im kinda skeptic to try and solder it together since its very short on one side


Those tabs can only be soldered with aluminum solder. You are better off spot welding it. It is fixable for sure. Just need to cut away a bit of the silver casing to expose some more of the tab.

It broke just after the spot weld, almost st the beggining, this is my first time dissasembling a lipo so its kinda scary How much can i remove of the silver wrap? IMG_20190306_173629 IMG_20190306_173618

You dont need much, you have a lot exposed already. Dont try to weld the tabs together. Weld a nickel strip to the tab and connect them that way.

My welder says approx 1500A current is pulled on each weld Are you sure nickel could take it? Even if its really short

First thing for safety is to get some locking pliers to hold those broken tabs together, and discharge slowly to about 3.3 volts. If you have a oops moment it probably won’t be a memorable event. If you do the repair soon after that and bring the voltage back up slowly there won’t be battery damage. I’ve had a few broken tabs like that, but wasn’t worth the repair for me.

I need this battery working, and do not have time to wait for a new one, they heat up from welding pretty fast and I need to exchange them every 10 minutes and let them cool down so I can weld non stop

I have a lipo balancer/ discharger so I will empty them to 3.0 or even lower to minimize risk of, thanks for the tip, the burns from batteries aren’t really nice…

Do you broke again something by welding? :sweat_smile: First your welder now your lipo?

2 Welders,2 puffed lipos, sunkko welder was crap from factory, and now this lipo

But the great thing is that the kWeld and these lipos make the best welds I have ever seen!

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Oh I should have said 3.0 volts PER CELL only, no lower. Good luck on the repair.

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Good to hear that the welder does it job correct. I al thinking of buying this welder when my company is up and running


That is a cnc? Whats the tag on one of those?

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No it is a pneumatic spot welder.

But I am not sure if I am going to buy that model. I want a high quality welder that is not like +10 000 euro

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