Is This Site Legit? claims 8nm of torque, does anyone know if this site is legit?

It’s a motor… from flipsky…

Is there some type of Esk8 conspiracy?

Just closed your post about DiY Electric…

I’m a hair away from closing this one…

What’s with asking and questioning if things are legit and being consumer watchdog?

Yeah im talking to you @Toohat


Okay I know it’s from Flipsky but I just wanted to know if the information they are providing is true and accurate. Cuz the 6374 190kv they sell of diyelectric is 3.9nm of torque and the one from flipsky is double that so it seems too good to be true and for a less price

short answer, yes its legit, a bunch of us ordered speed controllers and others have already been using them.

motors are made by a handful of factories in shenzen, mostly likely the flipsky is just a rebrand of one of these motors.


Thank you @thisguyhere

Now done with this

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