Is this specific deck good for a first time eks8?

Hello, I know there’s a post out their that defines a good deck for a specific board but I still wasnt sure if this would work well.

I plan to include: MOTOR 6355 260KV TORQUE ESC BLDC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER 10s2p Battery w/ Samsung Cells

you forgot a link or pic or something…

There ya go :slight_smile:

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It should work, looks like the width will be tough to make an enclosure for if you using a full size flat li-ion pack.

I was thinking about making my own battery pack with samsung cells, so would think fit alright?

The width is 8 & 3/4 inch, so it will be a little tough to fit a full size li-ion pack underneath with an enclosure.

Looks sickkkk :rofl: I love pintails

I mean here is the thing. That could be fine. What kind of build do you plan on doing? There are some really amazing decks out there tailor made for eskate but are about $175. Over the course of a $1000 build (what a GOOD setup costs at least IMO), that $75 savings seems hardly worth it compared to the extra quality that extra money would get you.

Scroll through this thread.

Red Ember Boards FTW

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I wanted to do a build similar to this:

Thats a good one to follow, just remember @cmatson made a custom enclosure to fit that specific deck. You will likely have to do the same. If you can do that you should be good to go.

Alright thank you, most likely will build an enclosure similar to theirs! Appreciate the help, cant wait to get started :slight_smile: