Is this the best option for DIY offroad with suspension?

I finally have the money to build a decent board, but I can not seem to find a decent truck set that has suspension & I would like recommendations before I pay 130 dollars for shipping.

I am tempted to go with the 6374 motors, but I would like to know if there is a better source for them or suspension rigs.

Those trucks are not particularly high quality and will have a lot of slop. I would recommend going with a higher end channel truck such as Matrix II, Trampa Infinity, Lacroix Hypertrucks, and 3DServisas Fatboy instead. For a light rider on flat roads you can use 6354 motors, for trail riding I would go up to 6374, and for off road I would aim for 6380 or 63100

What other parts do you have and what else are you looking for?