Is this too much current?

I get what you’re saying. How that makes an improvement is beyond me if it wasn’t even reaching 65a

Also when I had 16/36 with 97mm wheels I couldn’t stay on the board of I gave it full throttle. Now it’s a little more tamed.

FWIW I’m on ackmaniac firmware runing FOC

Gotta be worth something I guess

Raising motor amps settings from 60 to 80 is very noticeable. I get what u are saying about your logs not showing you even max your current settings but I havent found a motor yet that didnt respond noticeably to increased motor amps.


Well, here back reporting…

I decreased motor max to 85A and battery max to 35A and the DRV error seems to went away, at least didn’t show on my way back home.

I’ll make some logs tomorrow to see how the current was affected in a full throttle pull

I had my trampa at 120 motor amps and I would get abs error even when upping max abs to 150.

It was only if I floored it from a dead stop. If I was going 2-3mph then floored it this wouldn’t happen.


I hear ya. It has to be the programming in the vesc. I just figured I was getting the max the motors could offer. But at their rated 3550w I would need to pull 70-80a depending on voltage @12s

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I dont actually know how Abs current is calculated but I havent seen that code since I started setting my abs current as such. I add my battery amp setting to my motor amp setting then add few percent on top. Ie. 40 battery amps plus 100 motor amps =130A + 10A exrta =150A= Abs Current setting.

Your abs current should be 20-30 amps higher than you highest current (either batt or motor). They dont add. You may hit a really short transient that goes over your motor or batt max but it won’t give out an error until it goes above absolute max.

At the level that you’re pulling current though, you might require a larger overhead, which would be why 150 works perfectly for you.

You are more likely to hit your motor current limit at very low speeds. For example full throttle from zero. The reason all motors react well to increasing motor amps is that your 100% throttle end point moves to a higher power at low speeds. During high speed, you’ll more than likely always hit your batt max beforehand.

Adjusting motor max is like messing with the throttle curve

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Thanks for shedding some light on that!

Which makes some sense about upping motor amps would give a noticable difference if it’s like changing the throttle curve. @BigBoyToys

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My antispark switch died today, stucked in the open position. This excess of current is starting to brake stuff :grinning:

Both mosfets got shorted, I guess that’s why I been getting some undervoltage faults since one week ago, it semms that 1 mosfet died first then the other one.

I’m buying 10 IRFS7530-7PPBF MOSFET to have them in stock.

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I’m guessing you still don’t have a fuse inline? I’m not looking forward to your next battery fire

Ive blown many AS switches with various number and grades of mosfets from high current. Im not sure your mosfets are the weak link. If the trace on the PCM get too hot the mosfets will slide around any end up shorting. Id love to here if your mosfet upgrade solves your issue though.