Is this too much current?

My board feels pretty powerful, but I’m not sure if I should decrease the current limits, what do you guys think?

I’m running 12S4P on Samsung 30Qs (datasheet says 15A but Mooch test has shown it’s a pretty good/safe 20A battery)

Motor Max 90A Motor Min -60A Battery Max 40A Battery Min -20A

On this chart I can see I’m pulling a lot of current, should I be concerned? Is it possible log the temperature via this datalog?

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Look perfect to me :ok_hand:

If usually keep upping my current until something blows, then back to the highest settings that worked and call it done haha.


This data is for one or two VESC’s?

I’m holding +65A on each motor during full acceleration which could take 5-6 seconds, I wonder how much could my temps be raising

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Your motor temps? Or the Vesc?

The vesc had its own temp sensor but it’s disabled on VESC analyzer

you’re really pushing those batteries… I guess its working so you can keep going, but lowering your settings would probably give you some extra cycles on that pack. and you’ll get some extra mileage per charge!

Max limits are cool if you want speed, torque, big numbers… but Max efficiency are the numbers I use! and search for! huge difference!

I think battery max is what you need to worry more than motor max. U do run the cells at 20A/cell but like you say, only for peaks that are no longer than 10s. If you don’t go up a really long hill, that’s fine but I wouldn’t go higher. Maybe motors can do a bit more but I don’t think you should increase battery max anymore.

Edit: Oh you meant decrease, lol. I run 30q at 15A per cell as per spec, 20A for short bursts should still be ok I think. Motor max seems a bit high but again if you monitor your rides you’ll see these are spikes and don’t last very long.

What motors and gear ratio are you running? That is high amps.

You only peaked at a little over 30A per VESC, they can handle that current for much longer than a few seconds at a time.

Most of my builds run settings of 30-40A Battery and 100-120A motor on all 4 motors. Having extra power for bursts is awesome, if I ask for too much my VESC’s back me off once the motor or VESC temps hit the thermal limts.

I’m runing dual 6374 190KV motors on 15/40 ratio on 107mm wheels.

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Well today I started to have DRV issues, so I wonder if it’d be related to the high current output.

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Thats an over current code not DRV. Ive seen that before, I raised the absolute current threshold on my builds that run high motor amps and that code went away.

But that code does pop for other reasons like DRV…

How much have you raised your abs. current value?

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I had also this one on my way home:

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On my carvon V2’s with 100A motor and 37.5A battery I have it set to 150A.

On my trampa with 100A 80A settings I have it at 200A.

That’s interesting how much motor amps you are pulling. I have same setup but with 18/36 gearing. I have batt max 60a and motor set to 65a each. Even pulling hard up a hill I didn’t hit max motor amps. I had to slow down at 37mph because things get wobbly. Metr data is from one vesc

Well my settings are way more aggressive on motor max 90A vs your 60A and way less agressive on batt max 40A vs yours at 60A.

What battery setup and cells are you runing?

12s 8ah lipo. So not really worried about amp draw @25c continuous. I’ll be switching to 12s on 30q soon as my friend builds my pack. So even if I wasn’t hitting motor max of 65a, increasing the max motor amps to 90a would create a noticable difference?

Mine are maytech sensored running hybrid so they are sensorless at that point. According to maytech site and Psychotiller store the max continuous motor amps is 65 so that’s where I put it.

Try to raise the motor amps from 65A to 80A and see if you feel a differewnce, in my case was a huge improvement even though my battery amps were only 40A per VESC