Is your bluetooth module not working because of Oreo?

I was able to flash all of my HM-10 and its variants that no longer work on Android Oreo.

If you’re not into doing it yourself, send them to me and I’ll happily reflash them for you. You pay for shipping back and forth.

Let me know.


Want to reflash my 15?

Or could you just lend me your arudino? :smiley:

ahh I see you’re using the elegoo uno. Same one I’m using for my CS class :smile:

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aren’t you in europe?

don’t really wanna part ways with the arduino, doing some other stuff with it.

just get one, i got mine for like $10usd.

if you have time can you do a tutorial on how your flashing them with the new firmware?

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I do on all my bluetooth module. A tutorial is already available :grin:

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yep, that’s the video i used. it tells you what to do, but not so much how to do it.

i’ll post a video on it, found a technique that works pretty well.


Thats awesome man! You Rock!!

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Theres a great tutorial i found on some arduino forum just google flashing original firmware hm10

I know but I hoped your in the EU waiting for them from china is looong

I guess you will be stuck here on earth for quite some time…