Issue with board on/off throttling itself

I have a weird issue. the motors seem to speed up and slow down on their own. it did this while i was riding and it is very sketchy at speed. it even seems to over ride full brake to spin the motors. the remote blinks nonstop. i have switched receiver and remote thinking that was the problem but it is not. its so weird. ive rode the board about 200 miles and havent had any issues till now. in ppm settings you can actually see that the throttle is being moved or something is going on. both motors do it even if they arent connected via y cable, straight to the receiver.

12s5p battery dual enertion focboxs cheap rc remote

here is two short videos. one of bldc tool and one of the motors doing its thing. not sure where to look for a fix.

PPM video motor/controller view

I have exactly the same issue currently, I don’t know why and it came out of nowhere I will just reflash and reboot the focbox

so i reflashed focboxs and reporgammed them and switched out controller batteries . i went for a 15 mile ride and had no issues. no sure wtf it was but seems to be fine for now.

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Change the batteries of you remote.

Problem fixed