It always comes down to the ESC please help!

Here’s a video of my problem. I’ve run into some vesc issues and have a hard time getting a reply from enertion so I just said screw it and I’ll do it the easier way…

That esc can only handle 6s so it is probably going into some type of failsafe. At 6s that esc will be asked to pull a lot of amps so you will want to be very careful when accelerating or going up any kind of grade/hill.

Looks like that esc doesn’t have any brakes in the programing either, any particular reason why you chose it?

Thats not the right type of esc for this application. It might be easier trying to figure out what is wrong with your vesc.

Because the help center at hobby king said that even though it’s a 6s they said that it should be fine knowing my motor won’t pull that much.

from what i can tell it came messed up. I’ve done all the steps and checks but can’t get my email answered from enertion.

Did you get an error code on the Vesc?

it was DRV8302

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Thank you!

Glad to help

Update. vesc came in hooked it all up correctly…now I’m carving up the streets! Thanks for the feed back!