It doesn't work. (Noob question)

Ok so I have bound my radio to the receiver, that was easy, but now it won’t show any life.

Here’s what I have: Tried channels 1-3. Using FVT sleeping lion 120 amp esc. Trying to test with a 3s lipo.

Here’s what I think the problem might be: Too little voltage from the lipo The connections between the esc and the motor are not strong enough (esc has 5mm bullet and motor has 4mm, so I just pressed it together, and taped it) Using the wrong channel Messed up my radio set up I killed something (please don’t let it be)

If it’s the 12s esc it’s meant to use 5-12s. 3s won’t work. Also pushing the wrong size connectors together is not a good practice.

Thats a good way to burn up your motor, ESC, RX…pretty much everything. Id start by replacing the motor bullet connector switch 5.5mm, which is probably whats on the ESC.

Ok I will wait for the bullets to arrive but I ordered 4mm ones, so I will go with them.

Thanks for the quick answers!