It is not possible to use FVT 120A for boat on e-skate? (water-cooled)

I’ve seen this Boat ESC fvt 120A on Aliexpress.

It has a low profile, and cost a little bit less then the regular FVT 120A. Do you think it will last long without the water cooling being used, or will it burn fast? Any input will be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

If water-cooled computer components are anything to go by I don’t expect it to run for long without water passing through the heatsink. You could probably replace the heatsink by something else though.

The problem is that with a boat esc you don’t have brakes!

Okay. thats a deal breaker. Are you 100% sure it does not have brakes?

Dont buy that, because you will end up replacing it after some time…it lacks brakes, but still it has forward and reverse modes…but do not expect them to work well :slight_smile: It not the same as brakes :slight_smile:

If you are on tight budget, buy HK 120a ESC or FVT longboard ESC…or used VESC from a member :slight_smile:

I am :slight_smile: 10 char

Okay. then i will forget it. Thank you. :wink:

Yep. I can tell with experience that don’t use boat or plane escs. Brake in those are very weak if you can even call them as a breaks.

Or tehre is no “neutral” or idling…I mean that if you leave your remote untouched the ESC will be braking instead :slight_smile: