It’s BACK! The Carvon V4 Speed Drive Available for $599 - Jan 2018 Delivery

The Carvon V4 Speed drives are back LVE on the Website for $599 January 2018 delivery.

Finally you can build your own EVO or 4x4 your way!

Features and Tech Specs:

Dual 110kv sensored motors, 2500W each Custom-made precision CNC hanger and motor mounts Motor mounts are screwed on for absolute no stator movement Stepped-down axle (from 12mm, 10mm to 8mm) is removable and replaceable Motors can be easily removed and inside bearings replaced ​Low-carbon flux steel tubes for more power and protection Axle end-to-end is 11 inches (280mm)

Recommended Use: ​ Optimal rider weight is 200 lbs (90 kg) or less for 2WD builds, 275 lbs (125 kg) or less for 4WD builds. Not recommended for very hilly areas. Use 97mm wheels for street riding, 90mm (minimum size) for track or smooth and clean roads. MBS All-Terrain 100mm longboard wheels can be used, but do not ride off-road or on grass. Best used with a drop-down deck and with an enclosure to make sure the motors are shielded from most road hazards. Use a 12s (preferred Samsung 30Q) battery pack with minimum 3p for 2WD, and minimum of 5p for 4WD. Use only Vedder’s ESCs. Sensored BLDC mode has higher top speed, sensored FOC mode is near-silent. Do not misuse, abuse, overuse or neglect. Do not do tricks. Do not ride on rain or soaked streets. Rider must be at least 16 years old and responsible. Always wear a helmet and safety gears. Obey traffic, local and community rules. Be respectful to pedestrians. Be a good ambassador.

Does not come with front truck or wheels. Ships Jan 2018. For more info on how to setup your V4SD, check out this thread :point_down:t2:


This the same as your group buy?

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Nope it is not

I mean same direct drive setup?


It’s the same yes.

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Holy shit and I just got my paycheck


Lololol you gotta tells us what you said to Jerry to make this happen.

It’s probably cause exo isn’t doing the best. Everyone in that price bracket spends their money for cheap stuff.

I’d be willing to bet my left arm this is because the group buy was a blazing success, and probably provided seed money for the round of manufacturing enabling this. Well done!

I think it’s safe to say we can all get our carve on now.

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Yeah who needs Kickstarter and Indiegogo when you have me :grin:



It’s really nice to know that there will be more carvon riders :wink:

Bump bump bump this thread

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800 bucks with shipping?! yeah…no :frowning:

Wtf 200USD shipping to canada 0_o

is this the same as the direct drive on the EXO thats on Indeigogo? or even better?

different. EXO is a TORQUE drive. This is a SPEED drive

@Pr0dy he Canada cost of shipping is fixed on the site.

Some told me abt the V4 at $0.00 lol that was wrong too!



as per Jerry

what’s the difference between torque and speed drive?