Items for sale. calibers. shoes. decks

Hello, I have some new and some used items for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. US only

Used 44° calibers trucks. Has scratches. Has riptide pivots cups and will include bushings. $45

Have some decks that I don’t use that I would sell locally near LA, Cali for cheap if anyone is interested. 2014 wolfshark (not in perfect shape.) Sector 9 meridian. Also have Rayne demonseed deelite, but more expensive

I’ll through these shoes up here because why not😂Wrong size. Used about once. Size 11, 10.5. $50

Will ship as soon as the end of the week. Thanks for looking

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Are you willing to sell the wheels only? Also, great deal on that VESC!

Sure. $100 + $6 shipping as friends and family

I’ll take the 6374…see pm

I’ll take the 15t/40t pulley sets if @jinra takes the wheels.

it bit too much for me, but I get the price since it’s sold out almost everywhere.

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Wheels:sold Motor: sold Ronin trucks: sale pending Working vesc: sale pending

On the non-working VESC, is the issue just with R28 itself or was there a cascading issue (trace burned, DRV error, etc)?

No drv error, might be trace. Just sold though

Okay, no worries! :smiley:

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Both vesc’s sold. Ronin’s sold.

Couldn’t reply to all of you guys got spammed with a ton of mail. So if I haven’t messaged you back item no longer available. Items listed are still available. Thanks