Ive found a good ESC alternative!

found this ESC on Banggood

and used with this…

cheap and easy to program ESC! can anyone tell me what the FOC box will do that this one wont? Im not in anyway trying to trash the focbox, just new to this skate relm and havent used a focbox before

Basically vast amount of customization with FOCBOX/VESC 6 and any other kind of esc based on the Vesc.

This V-Good is limited on what you can customize. For the same price of these two items, you can get a FSESC that offers way more customization on top of bluet tooth functionality and changing vesc settings on-the-go through smartphone app. And don’t forget the the custom throttle/brake curves.

In other words, this thing can’t do a lot of things that FOCBOX can.


Did we not already cover this in the build thread dude? Please don’t clutter up the forum with duplicate posts because the answer will always be the same regardless of how many times you ask the question.

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But why? It’s almost the same price with the card.

That price tho :confused:

Yeah, you’re gonna want a VESC…

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Dareno - Hang on here a second my friend - the purpose here is to share knowledge and learn together about eboards

Has anyone actually used one of these yet??

There are horses for courses and there are things i can see that are pros for this ESC - keep an open mind here or no one will learn anything from this discussion

-This is a waterproof esc so will work outside an enclosure (im using a sealed motor and a tiny batteries to make a mega stealth board coz eboards are totally illegal where i live) -This pretty simple to setup ESC - you dont even need to hook up to a computer - good for beginners -Comes in a 200A version (does vesc go that high??) -Pre made with heatsink

There are also a huge amount of CONS im not familliar with any of the vesc gear but im assuming… -You can program WAYYYY into it- could someone shed some light on exactly what it is that you have more control over? -Bluetooth connectivity -What else??

It could be good, it could be bad nobody knows since nobody has tried it… The main problem with RC car esc’s has been terrible braking. IF you already bought this, then please try it let us know what you think about it on your build!

But here’s the thing. People have tried the VESC. and we KNOW its good. This is no cheaper than a vesc, and it is also WAY less adjustable. I know it can seem like people are giving you some negative feedback here, but the reason for that is there is SO much information on this topic on this forum already.

The entire community has been apart of building the VESC into what is has become today. Since the VESC is(was) an open source platform, there are MANY different versions of it out there: FOCBOX, FESC, MAYTECH, ect… ect…

TLDR: The community went through the whole ‘lets use rc car escs’ phase awhile ago, and we found the solution: VESC


Yeah i am aware that there is alot of info on here about VESC vs ESC…

This is probably the best one

I dont think there is anywhere on here that has gone a little deeper into this though. I cant find anywhere that says exactly what they do different. Im sure that because they are purpose built for the community of boarders and that those who have experience using them are saying that they are better means that they are infact better. On the other hand though, there are users saying they use different types of RC car ESCs because they are simple and easy. I would like to spell out the differences.

On this IONX ESC you can program… Braking strength Accel strength Start strength PWM max Govern max Batt type and cutout voltage

What does the VESC control?

if this has been covered before then why isnt it a sticky somewhere? I cant find it.

Basicly everything, you can really control everything theres custom firmwares with sick features UART bluetooth control with a module everything.

Just download vesc tool and see all the things you can program, its sure more then just those things listed there.

If you believe it, buy it.

two threads sounds like you’re selling it.

you claim it’s good in the title; how do you know this?

in either case, re: your many questions about a feature comparo of VESC vs. this solution that you’re interested in, read this: http://vedder.se

the sole reviewer on Banggood says that the V-Good IONX was easy to setup min/max, yet didn’t work with his antispark.

good hunting.

Sweet, thanks for that top cloud.

that link you posted was exactly what i was after, it tells me everything. This is good info, dont forget - not everyone knows everything about building an electric skateboard and all thats involved with ESC, VESC, FOCbox etc. To me simplicity is a big attribute.
I have bought one of those IONX esc’s and am waiting for it to rock up still. I rekon i will give it a go and probably play around with a vesc later on after i get my board going and setup.

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these ESC looks like the rebranded version of the Hobbywing Platinum 100A V3

For a little more you could of had a 150a max6.

this looks to be an ESC for a plane or helicopter which means brakes may not work very well. Also setting up throttle would be difficult as with a plane or helicopter the brakes are only about 1% of the travel (if you enable them) right at the bottom of the throttle and 99% of the throw is for acceleration.

With an esk8 you want about 50% of the travel to be acceleration and 50% to be brakes.

You can tell it won’t work for this application as for startup it requires full throttle and 0 throttle but doesn’t ask for neutral throttle information. So it is not programmable for what is needed.

I hope that helps with this ESC.

If you want an ESC that isn’t a VESC based one I would look at RC car ESCs. They will have better braking setups to work with esk8 than and air ESC or boat ESC (personally tried a boat ESC and had barely any brakes).