I've got plenty of longboards/trucks/wheels, what's the cheapest effective route to mid 20mph? Don't want to buy a kit with duplicative trucks, wheels, bearings hardware etc

So yeah like the title says I have a fairly sizable quiver, but all the motor kits seem to come with trucks and wheels and whathaveyou. Where can I buy just the huh motor(s), ESC(s), battery, connectors, controller and charger?

I get all my stuff from hobbyking.com

and cogs and belts from alibaba

Hub motors usually come with the trucks because the trucks are usually machined to fit the motors properly. Otherwise they might break prematurely or not work at all. And of course that would come back to the seller, and sellers wouldn’t like that, atleast not the more reputable ones. But I’m sure there’s some out there.

I haven’t tested it, but there is the torque boards single hub motor. It has options of 75/130 kV and I’m pretty sure 83/90mm. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-single-hub-motor/

Yeah, I have friends who can mill trucks down for me though. Basically just don’t want my girlfriend to get after me for bringing yet another board into the apartment, she thinks I’m a hoarder already…