I've just attacked one of my caliber trucks with a lathe


Because I’ve just got my hands on this, a bearing mounted wheel pulley

So I cut 19mm of truck allowing everything to slide together nicely. I did find that the truck axle was knurled but quickly skimmed that off

The finished product


What RPM did you run and how much wobble did you get? Gotta face down a Paris V2

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Kept it really low, 200rpm for the out of balance centre but no wobble on the cutting face


And just chuck the axles in the jaws and a tail stock or something in between?

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Yup, wanted to run a couple of standard sk8 bearing in the tailstock chuck but it’s only 1/2" capacity so gripped a wheel spacer in there instead and once the tailstock was locked down had no runout at all


Didnt you do something like this with your trucks?


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