Ive now taken my battery through 3 international airports in 2 weeks with no issues

Hi team. Just reporting my 3rd success, having now gotten through Los Angeles, Barcelona, and London Gatwick with my 10s4p. I should note that its in a 10x4 block mountainboard esque box that is completely separate from my board. Leaving LAX they asked me to explain what it was and I explained there are 40x 3.7v 1000mah (wink) lithium ion cells with 10 cells in series, 4 in parallel for a nominal capacity of 148wh.

Looks like using 3.7v 1ah, you can fit a max of 43 cells, but theres no practical use for a block that size. 6s7p is the largest battery that makes sense for this purpose which is “155.4wh” or 388.5wh if youre using 2500mah cells.

Hopefully this eases some worried minds. Keep in mind that my battery is in a 10x4 block and as always, YMMV.

Happy travels, folks!


I’m surprised because it looks more like a bomb than any of our battery enclosures! Lol :thumbsup:


it definitely looks like a bomb! the only reasoning I can come up with is that it looks like a wheelchair battery and not like an electric skateboard battery, which, to someone not in the know, is associated with hoverboards and the bans surrounding them.

Could be…

All praise eSk8 ignorance! :smile:

Well done :smirk:

like this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BVhPmJsARfB/?taken-by=dlg_in_hell


Haha! Actually not more than your semtex in a case, no… :confused:

well now thats pretty brutal haha maybe make the battery cases black with some nice braiding on the wires and you should be fine


148 Wh is under the IATA accepted capacity of 160 Wh for a single battery. Not sure the purpose of the battery is any relevant. You see a lot of details in the X-rays machine… :wink:

hint: my cells might actually be 2500mah making the pack 360wh :wink:

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Ah! right!..you “forgot” to mention that minor point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was surprised with the relatively small size of the battery. Not sure they can actually control that if they do not have access to the writing on the battery

I sure would’nt like bieng the Owner of a 360Wh pack,… if ever an INCIDENT occured ??

If everyone starts grossly understating battery pack size, they’re just going to ban them outright

A better option is to have your battery break down into multiple <99Wh packs and put them in your carry-on. Or two <160Wh packs


honestly nobody even asked about capacity, only about what it was. Barcelona and London Gatwick didnt even ask about what it was. Bag went right through no questions

I agree that an option is to have 2x 99wh and 1x 160wh pack, but I dont see how understating the capacity could get them banned. They either let you pass or they dont. If they have equipment to test, its still gonna be yes or no. Nobody was put in harms way by being over the limit per pack.

what kind of incident could occur that would occur with a 160wh pack?

Have that same case - going to squeeze a 12s5p into it.

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so is this lipo or li ion?

lithium ion

Are the limits different for lipo?