Jacobs Hubs Tips & Tricks

Recently came into possession of barely used Jacob hubs without any thane slipping.

I know there were various threads on mods to these hubs, but wanted to see if anyone is still using them and which mods work best.

What I’m planning to do:

  • Scuff the inner wheel thane/outer motor metal
  • Epoxy nubs on the outer motor
  • Insert sleeve over the outer motor to increase thickness
  • Apply high strength epoxy over the outer motor/sleeve and in between the sleeve and thane
  • Reinforce the phase wires with epoxy

Is there anything else? My plan is to do these preventative mods, then explore DIY thane replacements. I know ralphy’s wheels are no longer available but wondering if anyone has thoughts on DIY methods for a future thane replacement.

Nubs: https://grabcad.com/library/jacob-hub-motor-nub-1

Sleeves: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1912309 (Note: Issues reported with sleeves printed from this file)

Epoxy: https://www.permatex.com/products/adhesives-sealants/epoxies/permatex-30-minute-high-strength-general-purpose-epoxy/

Haha, I’m aware of that forum. But all of the previous discussions on Jacob hubs were here, hence why I posted it here. Noted though on this perhaps being the wrong place to get replies.

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I’m happy to try to help you, i was involved with jacob and his hubs very early on.

have you got a picture of them?

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Thanks! Here are the hubs.

They working ok?

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Yeah, they spin and all. I just want to do some upgrade before I start riding them to prevent the shorting and slipping that they are known for.

One of the ideas i had for this hub motor when jacob first started designing it was the use of a collet, something that clamps onto the truck axle directly. You will need to machine a new nut that is compatible.


Otherwise, i would suggest a key & keyway, similar to what is used to hold pulley onto motor shaft. You might be able to achieve this with a dremel.


My final though is that you should try to make this setup like a “direct-drive” system, using a normal skateboard wheel. Like carvon/torqueboards systems.


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The direct drive conversion is really interesting, thanks for the tips!