Jart10s | 34" customized phychotiller special deck | single ediy 190kv 6374 | ediy clone 90mm | Focbox | customized ediy mount | idler pulley | chi boards 10s4p |

Well I’ve reshaped the nose, and finished drilling all the holes. The deck is drying now after a couple coats of polyurethane. When its dry I’ll grip it, install the sex bolts, and mount my phychotiller enclosure, and a tail guard. More photos will follow.


Custom deck?

It’s the same deck phychotiller uses for his custom builds. I read lot of post and he linked to it. Don’t remember off hand the shop. I’ve shortened deck by 2in, and reshaped nose a bit. I removed enough wood here and there that it needed to be resealed. I also wanted to get some polyurethane in all the drill holes.

Continual progress still waiting on my battery pack but clearances look good. Next step is installing electronics and drilling holes in the enclosure for all the hookups.

Will likely modify the motor mount first for duel idle pulleys. If the parts arrive before the battery pack. Going two idke pulleys so I can use a easy to get belts. I’m hope I can run the belt super loose with this set up.

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Hi, may i know where tou get the tail and nose guard? Or you just costumized it, looks nice :ok_hand:

Tail guard came from www.sk8kings.com Nose guard came from eBay, search for longboard :nose: guards. It’s a slip fit deal so no mounting holes needed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Longboard-Nose-Guard-and-Tail-Guard-FREE-SHIPPING-/253015955361?hash=item3ae8ed17a1:g:RucAAOSwnK9ZU1Xl

Awesome, thanks :blush:

Work continues. I’ve mounted the switch, battery gage, and Charging port. I ended up extending the wires for the the charging port to the front of the enclosure because the rear was getting a little busy with everything else. Now I need to pick up some rubber gromits to feed the motor wires and sensor wire out of the enclosure.

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ok, this builds on hold I just cant get the electrics to fit in the room I have. The enclosure is low profile that the wires for that fancy high voltage switch, BMS, and what not just won’t fit. I’ve ordered a new deck, and enclosure. I’ll swap everything off this build to the new deck except the enclosure. I’ll keep this deck as is until I find a battery pack to fit it, and the rest of the parts I’ll need for a 2nd build.

The new enclosure will give be a extra 1/2" in height, its still going to be tight but it should work. The main problem is that the BMS on this pack is kinda thick, and I just won’t fit right in this low profile enclosure. With a tinny amount of padding the pack at its thickest point is just over 1 1/4in thick. I tried adding a piece of weather stripping around the edge of the enclosure to try to give me a little extra room but no dice the BMS is still getting in the way.

Builds all done. Need to do a bit more fiddling but done. I used a heat gun and a handful of clamps to get the enclosure to fit the deep concave of the new deck. Just a little heat and it now hugs the curves of the deck. I’ve installed two low profile idlers on the tb motor mount. Will switch over to a 15mm belt once the wheel pulley arrives. Not getting any belt slippage except under ludicrously hard braking.

I was getting crazy speed wobbles under hard acceleration. I adjusted the risers, and wedging the front and dewedging the back. That seems to have tamed those right down. I can feel the board start to wobble but nothing like before.


I’ve been doing some tests with this set up. I’m getting about 17+ miles per charge on the chiboard 10s4p. Under optimum conditions, smooth road, and a slight downhill grade of maybe 2 degree I’m easily seeing a top speed of around 34mph while holding a tight tuck. Not bad for a single motor build.

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Did a little fiddling, redid the phase wires so I can get the motor closer to the deck, and upgraded my wheel pulley to a 15mm one. Just waiting for some 285mn belts.