Jason's New ATB - Been looking for it?

I really would like to see Enertion’s new “Coming Soon” Board that looks like a mountain board (ATB??) that would be a All Terrain Board. I have been watching Jason’s Youtube videos and really have been enjoying them. I am about 130kilos or 290lbs so I will need a lot of power or torque as I understand it all. I also wonder if Jason is working on a board similar to the “All Rover” but for us BIG boys. I would love to hear from you all, as I am a newbie and have not be on any board. I live in Missouri and I swear skateboards no not exist, or maybe they are just hiding. :slight_smile: PS would love to hear from Jason.~Andy #Enertion #Jason

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I don’t think @onloop is going to release an ATP soon. Its been awhile but the last I heard was that Enertion had a few more projects on the board before that happened.

If you want a good mid-level mountain board look at the MBS Comp 95, talk to @korryh about motor mounts, @torqueboards @JLabs & @oriol360 about motors & remotes and batteries.


Wow, Thanks for the msg. :slight_smile:

How do I redirect to Jason?

Oh btw do you know of a app that will help me design and build my eboard? Thanks ~Andy

message him via @onloop

There’s really no such animal. Lots of math and CAD work if you talking about fabricating a board. If you want more info check out the builds section, tons of completed builds to look at and most contain a ‘shopping list’.

Thank You Mike ~Andy