Jaykay etruck..... Batteries and motor hidden in the truck

I think those are just from casting the truck. Will probably get rid off later on. I still don’t get why you would sacrifice stability and strength in the truck for the esc which doesn’t take space at all…

I think you mean around 7.5

haha i know that’s what they meant. But they had a typo there earlier.

Ohhhhh haha my bad

Well from the picture alone does not look like they gonna fit a lot of batteries in there… if that pcb is bms… then it already takes up a lot of space… not sure why someone has come up with the idea to sacrifice strenght / durability of the only thing that holds wheels in place… just to make something more aesthetically looking…

unless they plan to make huge trucks… just to claim what they said about everything integrated into the trucks…

well, maybe what they showed are miniature models and they do sth like this:


:smiley: Yeh, might be that way… I think u also saw the pics from test video…Im sure they will come up with something… maybe a cable to plug into the trucks to power the board from your pocket or wallet, too! :smiley:

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…or from the next wardenclyffe tower:p

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Please check our statement:

id probably back this instantly if i had more proof on the range.

They seem to be pretty open about that. So far everything that they got asked they answered in detail and seemingly very thruthfully. It is refreshing to not see exaggerated specs so I want to believe that that is also true for the range.

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base the range on the watt-hours whatever that may be and not claims. It seems every seller exaggerates range as well as everything else. they ride with 4 cells. don’t expect much range or power. that’s 1/12 of what I ride with.

I’m just going to say there’s a BIG reason why no legit truck manufactures make hollow cast trucks.

And leave it at that.


I can see this having a niche market as a semi-electric skateboard. Just put it on any mini cruiser or penny board and take it with you on vacation/air travel. But it seems they are marketing it as a regular eboard. Anyway, just 5 days left :confused: Doesn’t look too good. Maybe the youtube gig will hype it a bit.

I think from a technological point of view it is amazing. But unfortunately too expensive even as a kickstarter. It’s the same for Mellow


what happened to this fine innovation?

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Reality hit them in the face

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aaaaaaaarghhhhhh, another case of too good to be true it seems. what a shame. would have been nice to see them succeed…

actually…maybe they are doing well with their developments…at least their website looks promising with an expected delivery date of spring 2018 https://www.jaykay-sport.de/en/shop/electric-longboard-kit/