Jaykay etruck..... Batteries and motor hidden in the truck

Coming soon to kickstarter

that makes no sense - how many batteries can fit in there? 2 per truck? A 2S System? The current draw will be enormous. Range? At 2x2S1P this would give you a maximum of 43.6V3.5Ah = 50Wh (with Sanyo GA batteries). On Hub motors you get around 1Km per 15Wh --> 3.36Km


Energy consumption per kilometer is highly dependent on riding speed. That number doesn’t make any sense to display without any other variables of the board.

It says 4 cells per truck, but i don’t think changes anything :smiley:

“JayKay says that riders can expect to zoom along at up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph) for a range of 12 km (75 mi)”

Wow 75 miles!!!

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I’m calling it fake until I see a cross section cut of the truck. Even 4 cells seems ridiculous. And obviously real world testing with at least a 150lb individual.

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I calculated with 30km/h - I need 15Wh/km at that speed with my Jacob Hubs


Now I’m cool with the answer. I can also attest to those numbers being legit based on my testing and data logging.

On the board concept of the topic however, no way it can achieve those numbers and I agree with your earlier comment.

Apparently that is the cross section render: looks like a notebook battery with those pads to me - probably just some photoshop with a mirrored section of a generic battery

On the instagram however they show this: https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/16585595_887714261370688_1747102385735467008_n.jpg

looks like two single round 18650 (or even 26650) cells to me. Edit: Forget it - this is probably just some tape around the motor section to protect it from getting scratched - not actual batteries

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They could just be high. Just a guess based on the joint that guy’s smoking. :laughing:


Some very strong sh**… :alien:

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Hah i saw the same thing today and also didnt believe how are they going to fit 4 batteries there?

No way they that they can put 4x of 18650 per truck, maybe max 2, but how about structural strenght?

I think this idea is way off :smiley:

People who want to ‘hide’ batteries just put them in deck…

On a side note - There are some of these small li ion batteries but their capacity is only about 1000mah per cell and im not also sure can someone expect any good power from them unless it is for flashlight.

Dont rember correct name for them… but they were 10… something

Could work with some of these cells , these are mostly used on gokarts ive seen. Thought about using them in builds but theyre more expensive per WH http://www.batteryspace.com/lifepo438120pmsizecell32v10ah100asurgerate32whwith6mscrewterminal-unapproved.aspx

you realize they are 4cm in diameter and 12cm long :astonished:

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Yea maybe like 2 of them in each truck possibly

This is 100% Grade A+ bull shit.

Where is the ESC?

Not to mention, standard longboard trucks become structurally unstable when you remove more than a inch of aluminum off each axle. I doubt a hollow truck would ever withstand the weight of a person.

This “testing” seems super legit…

It just works. Because Germans are amazing :joy:


That’s the one thing that actually seems somewhat feasible to me. I would think that the esc and receiver could potentially use the void in the baseplate and maybe thicken up the sides to allow for some cleverly configured components. Also, the truck could act like a heat sink, which you would need if you were running a 4s1p battery system. Unless they’re running 2s2p or 1s4p? :laughing:

Here’s (almost) the cross section I wanted! Looks more like electronics (ESC maybe?) inside than a battery.

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I see one catching the sidewalk with these stupid nubs at the bottom of the hanger and going for a nice flight.

Apart from that: Whatever nice stuff they take, i want some