Jenso 10T gear wanted [Found]

10T 8mm bore w/ keyslot to fit “Jenso DirectDrive”… ive been trying for hours to get this off. Heat, cold… its not coming off. The set key wont loosen so i cant even use my gear puller… i have a sensored motor coming in and i need that gear for them. Willing to pay $, just wanting local US seller… 1544034742420162974897

How much heat? Torch? This is where Jenso buys them. He modify them with a keyway tho, but thats not necessary.

Mayne try heating it up and putting it in a vice and hitting the motor shaft?

Also ask the guy who made it how he fixed it in place

No vice and yeah torch… ill keep trying til i buy one lol

Yeah, i used the torch til stuff turned orange lol… First time i was just worried about the magnets… but they were okay. Got it off


Im the the guy who fixed it in placeXD

lol you did it pretty well then i guess :smile:

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Yeah, too much loctite will do thatXD good thing i had a gear puller. It was tricky not touching it while hot lol