Jerking, jerking, breakdown, what can be?

Hi piople I have a problem, help please. I have ESC RacerStar 120A, two Li-Po 3s consistently to 6s, motor Turnigy SK3 63mm 245kv

Why is this happening? Before that everything was fine, I used the same ESC.

Later I tried to use a new motor and a new battery and made a new wiring, but it happens the same way, it jerks and does not go.

Watch the video, what can it be?

This is what happens from a standstill with out sensors and hobby ECS’s. You will have to give a good push to alleviate this while riding.

it worked before, I could start from a place without repulsion

Hmm…Then your ESC might be toast. :frowning_face:

as there was such problem, I bought a new ESC and it turns out the same way

Process of elimination: It may be your motor. Also, check to may sure none of your phase wires are exposed and touching each other.

I tried to use a new motor, it looks the same

bearings gone in your wheel?

Yes, the wheels are spinning. I can also pinch the motor and it will twitch. Previously, this was not

you probably fried the sensors with water or something

no, it’s a sensorless motor

Open up the motor and check if you have a wire broken in any of your windings

give it a kick push and try accelerating, if it works then it’s because you don’t have sensors. This has been a thing for a LONG time. No sensors = no smooth loaded startup.


I had the same thing happen to me and it was the remote… it can happen

Did you redo the motor calibration in the vesc tool after changing up the wiring? Have heard this can make a difference and in my own build have seen that it is less twitchy on startup after I did a calibration.

is not VESC! this is car ESC

did not understand what was? how to fix?

if the motor is connected to the VESC and back connected to the ESC, can it become different?