[JET killshot decks Group Buy]

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Hey guys, I was at the Mastercarve / @Psychotiller / ABEC11 HQ today. They are running a group buy for JET kill shot decks both 40’’ and 38’’ and enclosures as well, decks are the same as sold on psychotiller’s website (links on the bottom of this post). The enclosure are specifically designed for the JET KILL SHOT decks (Pictures are on the bottom as well)

Information about decks: All decks will be black and no gripe tape. All decks will be pressed in Huntington Beach CA and ship from there.

Information about enclosure: ABS plastic Can fit up to 12S7P for 2WD or 10S7P for 4WD. (12S5P 4WD)

Q1: When does the group buy ends? August 13th Midnight PST

This group buy is kinda of short notice, as I just been told 5 minutes ago. Group buy end Tuesday night midnight and they will start pressing the deck Wednesday. All decks will be expected to be shipped out August 22nd. 10 days from now.

Q2: How much does it cost?

$99.99USD + $8USD each deck shipped in US. $150 USD each for both deck and enclosure with enclosure mounted onto the deck. If you buy two or more decks, either 38’’ or 40’’ the shipping will be free in US. For orders outside of US, please PM me.

Q3: How to pay for it? Payment email good for both paypal and stripe: [email protected]

Please include shipping info, such as names, addresses.

Pictures: Enclosure:

Decks: Left one is 38’’ right one is 40’’

Links: https://psychotiller.com/collections/decks

If you have any question, please let me know. @psychotiller will confirm in a minute.


So this groupbuy was open for less than 24 hours :confused:

Gotta be fast!

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Guess im retarded :slight_smile:

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I would not agree or disagree.

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Oh yeah, sorry for the short group buy time. Abec11 gave a pretty tight deadline.

All good, it happens. I’ll be sure to hop on another deck groupbuy.

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kinda sad I missed it. I was looking at the jetshot for days on his a website. Had no idea. Any chance this will run again soon?

I think hes getting stock from this group buy so just be active and check.

@itsrow @Bswift

Hey guys. Talked to abec11. They are extending the deadline a bit longer.

This Sunday 8/18 3PM PST. All the other info are the same.

awesome. happy to have one of these.

AAAAA Thank you!

Thanks for letting me pick one up, any chance I could get the interior measurements of the enclosure? Im trying to plan a lipo build and am guestimating for my distances right now.

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I will get them to you today.

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24 3/8 inch long

8.5 inch wide

1.5 inch deep on the edges

1.75 inch deep in the middle

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Hate to bother you @370HSSV but any updates on the boards?

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They are expected to be shipped out by end of this week 13th. Fingers crossed

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