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Jet Revolver 38" Longboard Deck and Tacon Bigfoot 160?

I’m gonna start my own build I think, and I came across a Jet Revolver 38" Longboard Deck and the guy is willing to sell me a Tacon Bigfoot 160 with it. How good are these parts? I’ve seen the motor around before, not sure how good it is, but the deck, never heard of. Opinion?

These could go in the same thread. Can we merge it into one thread?

Decks don’t matter too much, as long as they aren’t super flexy. They need to be kinda stiffer as a flexing board is bad for the electronics and motor (grinding, bending, more stress, etc)

I googled the board it it came up as a candian maple and extremely hard, which is good for a electric longboard, and thats a solid motor choice.

Overall, good deal.

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The motor in my opinion is one of the best on the market for the price, you Can’t beat it… I have had ZERO problems and it shreds hills with low gearing, I use 14/36 gear ratio. A very solid motor, don’t let it pass they go quick.