Jet Revolver 38" Longboard Deck?

I’m looking at decks right now, was looking for some flexy ones, since I’m a bit heavier than some (105kgs/230lbs-240lbs) and looking at the board specs, seems to be stiff? Anybody got the board and can vouch for whether it holds upto 240lbs?

I am around 220-230(around the Holidays). I would absolutely avoid flex in your deck. For us bigger dudes a little flex can really magnify when under a super high load. For instance: You are going down a hill pretty fast and once you get down to the bottom all of your momentum pushes down and flexes the deck. Or just carving, when you are big, you can get a deck flexing pretty hard. The reason to avoid the flex has to do with preserving your components. Your battery will not flex and will not survive very long under those conditions. It would be advantageous for you to go to a local board shop and look closely at and feel the boards strength. Some shops have boards that they will let you test ride. It’s better than rolling the dice with internet deals. It’s like buying shoes on the internet. Sometimes it can be good, but there’s no substitute for a good ol’ fashioned fitting. From my experience, a flexy deck makes me work harder. Makes my feet and legs get tired quicker than a stiffer deck. I hope any of that helps, bro!

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Flex is good for Freestyle longboaring. It helps with doing tricks like kick flips. A stiff deck is what you need for stability when going fast like Downhill racing and E-boarding.