Jet Spud/ Tayto 10S6P

Hey has anyone attempted a 10s6p battery in a spud/ Tayto yet with this eboosted enclosure? if no one has done it I might just do a 10s6p build since I have an extra Tayto and vesc on hand. @Eboosted @JLabs but I imagine the battery is going to be a heck of a lot, 60, 30q are $240.00 alone.

** and would velcro even hold a battery that heavy?

Eboosted Enclosure mentioned above.

Basically this battery from eboosted but twice the thickness.

Do you have the double stack or single stack enclosure?

Nvrmnd i didnt look

If you contact @Eboosted I thick he can build a custom battery for the DS.

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I’m worried about the weight lol since my 10s3p spud already weighs like 20 bricks

For what you have an enclosure? Velcron +enclosure and you good to go…

I just wonder, if nobody would have done it before, why than there are enclosures from Eboosted available in this size? :thinking:

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for the people who want to use lipos, and for that one crazy person like me

you could probably just enclosure mount the battery, but i would get a lot of hate lol

Board below has a 10s6p 30Q pack on a Jet Spud DS enclosure.

It fits comfortably. You could even fit a 12s6p if the pack is built compact.


I don’t get your logic here. Just double the weight of your 10s3p and you can get a rough idea of how much it will weigh?

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Yeah it weights a lot… around 22lbs, but if you want a big battery you will sacrifice weight, not much you can do around it.

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Whats the easiest way for you to carry that thing? mall grab? also who built your battery.

also indian gummy what i meant was what was the weight of the board.

Yep, have to mall grab. After a few blocks it’s pretty inconvenient.

I built locally in Montreal with some friends. Bought 1s6p packs from the Lacroix guys and connected them with a custom harness.

I mounted it to the enclosure initially and it worked, but during this winter I will change things around and mount it to the deck using neutral silicone sealant glue.

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I have a Spud with a 10S5P underneath ( if that helps? 3D printed my own enclosure though.

I mall-grab it. Don’t care about the weight so much, but then I’m not carrying it much.

did you deck mount or enclosure mount?

Enclosure. Bloody strong enclosure though.

of couse its fiberglass lol, but did you use skate bolts or a metric ton of m4 screws?

3D printed enclosure. M4 cap-screws (bolts?) into threaded inserts.

Example from pictures thread:

Im guessing you used 12 m4 screws than

6 M4s in the part that supports the battery (the blue-grey part), 2 each in the end bits (green bit, red bit). The end bits only hold the VESCs.

I don’t profess to be an expert though. I’m only guessing, but have had this type of configuration going for about a year with no mishap. Have even “bottomed-out” on some driveway curbs a few times with little effect (PLA FTW!).