Jet The Bomber 38" | Caliber II 50° | eSk8 setup | Kegel 80mm | 10s3p Li-ion

Hi guys,

After selling my first DIY board, which I learned a lot from, I’m starting a new build for me and my friend. (so will be building 2 boards at the same time).

We’re in the middle of choosing our setup and we would like your feedback. We’re gonna use the boards to commute to work and occasionally in the weekends just to cruise.


  • Jet Bomber 38" longboard
  • Caliber || 50 trucks
  • Otang kegel 80mm wheels
  • eSk8 vesc, powerswitch and mini remote
  • eSk8 single setup with 6354´er 2200W/200K​V Sensored motor and 15mm 14/32 pulleys
  • 10s3p with Samsung INR18650-25R 2500Mah cells (Still need to decide on which bms to use, want to buy one in Europe, so open for suggestions!)

Keep you posted!




Nice! Why don’t you use flywheel wheels? It seems that there are much more pulleys available. For commuting wouldn’t it be best to use a shorter deck? Such as the jet spud? Cheers!

So our board arrived yesterday, looks good! Gonna sand off the decoration on the bottom of the board and give it a darker wooden look

Parts are slowly arriving

In the meantime we’re giving the board some love to give it a dark wood grain look, sanding in progress


seams all good here :slight_smile: Enjoy & good DIY !!

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Received the low energy Bluetooth module today. Gonna hook it up to the vesc and will create an iPhone app for it or use the other apps out there. Depends on the free time :sweat_smile:

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Made a little more progress today!

Finished sanding down the board, so it’s ready for some paint to make it look nicer. Couldn’t resist to test fit the trucks and motor mount. Maybe I will spray the motor mount with some black plastidip to match it with the trucks and motor.

Also 1 large sheet of ABS arrived, so I guess will make a template soon to create an enlosure.

Keep you posted!



subscribing. looks like an awesome start. i’m preparing to start mine soon. your parts from curious how ABS mold and enclosure will look like

Yes, parts are from :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the enclosures too, gonna be my first try!

Just a warning, it’s a slow build :wink: not having as much time as I would like to

Applied a first layer of varnish. The result wasn’t what we were looking for. So sanded it down a little and applied a second layer.

First layer:

Sanding part 2:


yes, it was not that easy to keep the wood grain… The best that can be done is to go and come all along the board (and the varnish is applied like if you re-draw the grain …) hard to explain in english, hope its help ! Good luck :wink:

(also, sand the most and best as you can it could help to restart good)

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To prevent uneven staining, use a wood conditioning product (Benite) prior to staining. I made the same mistake on my first build.

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Thanks @Riako and @cdn for your feedback :smiley:

I confirm what riako says: You have to spread the varnish on the board in a single gesture all along otherwise you can see the brush strokes :relaxed:

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My build is finally done. I think this project deserves the price “longest build ever!” haha.

So after a long period of waiting for parts and busy working as a freelancer I finally made the time to finish the project.

The enclosure you see on the photos is from Unikboard which fits the 10s3p battery perfectly! I ran the motor wires on top of the board (made some channels for the motor wires), so you don’t see them anymore. On the side I’ve mounted the on/off switch and a charging port.

I also started developing an iPhone app. I’ve connected an Adafruit low energy bluetooth module to the vesc. I know that there are more apps out there like “metr”, “VESCLogger” and “Vesc Status”, but I wanted to learn more about connecting with a bluetooth device, so I started working on a personal project. I already asked a friend (who is a talented app designer) to mock up some screens.


Did a little test ride today! Max 42 km/h, this thing is a beast!

Aside from that, I have some receiver issues. Looks like it failsaves a lot! Which is not pleasant to ride with obviously! :smiley: I have a spare one, will test out if this one failsaves a lot too.

I’ve bought this one:

Do you guys have any ideas? Or do I have to buy a different remote?


Everything looks excellent, congrats on finishing it! :slight_smile: That remote is the most unpleasant experience I’ve had on my builds. Lot’s of cutoffs which are dangerous and even if it works good for some time, you’ll always ride with the fear of it cutting out which makes for an unpleasant ride all together.

You should accept your losses for this remote and get a GT2B or a Mini remote. The GT2B with Sparkle- or MadMunkey-mod is an excellent choice.

If you’re in europe I can print the enclosures for you if you pay for material and shipping.


Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’m located in the Netherlands so I will send you a PM :smile:

So this happened! Was riding my board for several months now. Rebuild the battery pack a while ago to make it sturdier. <- this morning

Don’t know what caused it exactly. I suspect my crappy Chinese BMS shorted out or something close to the jst connector, or my balance lead shorted on the BMS, cause it was routed under/close to the BMS. The burn marks are the biggest close to the balance lead connector. Maybe because I dropped it a little too hard on the ground caused it to start shorting out

Battery pack is still fine though as I measured everything already, will cover the cells with plastidip where needed.

Soooo I’m in the market for a new BMS, cause I don’t trust it anymore. Preferably in the EU.

Any tips?

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What BMS were you using?