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There’s the converted volts to amps playing out as the higher voltage system draws less amps with the same load

Maybe from those numbers u could figure the esc to motor amp limit. (If urs works the same as the vesc)

Amperage and voltage are inversely proportional if one goes up the other goes down and vice versa

So yes a transformer can make amperage but at a loss of voltage

A transformer changes voltage. the amperage going up or down is a byproduct of what the transformer does which is to merely change the voltage.

the point is to transfer power over a long distance. Whatever power is being transported is still going to be the same power. When the voltage is changed the amperage must change as well. Instead of running high wasteful amps a long distance and losing them to heat they step the voltage way up and the amperage will have to go down. Inverse relationship hand in hand

Here this guy knows stuff and sells it

Re: amps, volts and top speed Unread postby liveforphysics » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:35 pm Power is what gets the work done of transporting you on your vehicle.

No matter of it comes from a 10V 100A source or 100V 10A source, it’s capable of exactly the same efficiency and torque and speed and heating etc provided the motors kV scales to the voltage and the copper fill% in the motor remains the same (and the 100A system needs a few feet of thicker wire between battery/controller/motor).

I wonder what limits ur controller

From a VESC perspective @Namasaki is using duty cycle or voltage control and that’s what most hobby ESCs use.

With the VESC we are using (normally) current control, which is torque control.

Different concepts to be kept in mind when comparing controllers.

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You can leave the maximum input voltage at 57 (in fact I wouldn’t reduce it). If you set off with fully charged batteries you could easily exceed that voltage limit by touching the brake or coasting. This will fault out the VESC.

I made that mistake programming my 12S VESC as well and just leave all my max input voltages well above the voltage my batteries reach to be safe.

What limits Namasaki’s current so low while he’s on full throttle?

With namasaki’s readings on his multimeter along the motor wires, getting a voltage and then a current, wouldn’t the vesc show similarly? Wouldn’t a voltage be a prerequisite for a current?

Have you tested that theory with a volt/amp meter on the motor wires to see first hand if it is true? Because frankly I find that hard to believe. Motors are rated in KV. rpm per volt. 230kv = 230rpm for each volt applied to the motor. Realistically the only way to control the rpm of the motor is to regulate the amount of voltage that is applied to it. This is what Esc’s do. The Vesc is an Esc that was designed for e-boards. Though it has many more bells and whistles than the average car esc, it still has to regulate voltage to the motor just like any other Esc. I know that the Vesc has amperage limit settings. That means that if you overload the motor, the Vesc will shut down. The current limiting are safety features. The amount of load on the motor dictates the amount of current on the circuit. This theory I have tested first hand.

The amp limits on the vesc don’t shut it down just limit. Temp limits shut it down The vesc is known as current controlled meaning it applies the current based on throttle. That’s all I know about it

Have you tested that theory and proven it to be true? A theory has to be proven to become a fact. Besides, current does not determine the rpm of the motor. Voltage does.

That control mode is not a theory, it’s the way Benjamin has designed the VESC. Please have a look here, under “Application Configuration”:

In theory it should get u the same distance almost if u go the same speed. I do no tests though. Just ride it. Just back. Definately want to make so big air turbines. Jet engines look bad ass

I took a look at the article you posted. It does appear to support what your saying. So, keeping the voltage full and constant and limiting the flow of current to the motor. This seems like an odd way to control the rpm of the motor.

I have thought of trying the vesc myself but after reading threads about vescs failing left and right, I’m a little hesitant to spend the time and money on them.

Geez guys, a lot of back and forth here since last night. :smile:

Some great info here! A couple things are over my head at this point. I’ll have to read up on a few of these links. It certainly seems like an amp meter will be a good way to compare my 12S with the PRO4’s 10S. I’ll look into that some more too.

@Namasaki, I don’t have experience with anything besides the VESC but I can say I’m a HUGE fan of the FOC mode. It’s super quiet!

Also, just a quick update on the build. I swapped out the 50 degree front baseplate for a randal 42. It already feels more stable. Testing out some new tail lights too.

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Ok, I’m convinced now. Sounds like a good thing, full voltage at all times and adjustable current. And I thought all Esc’s where the same. Guess I was Wrong! I have put in my order for 2 Vesc’s. I just have to try it now.

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Glad to see you’re going to give the VESCs a shot. Are you going to try these with your new battery pack you’ve been working on?

Yes, it’s going to be a total make over with everything tucked neatly inside a low profile enclosure that I got from Psychotiller. And the concept of supplying constant full voltage to the motors while controlling the current flow selectively throughout the entire system is absolutely amazing! I can see now why everyone is so stoked over this thing.

I got my board built and it kicks ass. I have two toro beast 1/5 200amp esc with two batteries 6s @ 6100mah batteries wired to produce 12s @ 50 volts give or take.

It is super efficient, never gets hot, climbs hills with ease, and I physically slung a wheel off when testing it face up!

I didn’t tell my true weigh, I am retired AirForce AFSOC, I weigh 290pounds+ muscle trust me! and the board moves me like I am a rag doll. I tested it for months now and I will post a video displaying its power! The beautiful thing is it all so controllable.

I took your advice on the batteries! However I still purchased two robust reasonable esc’s I could find of a 1/5 nature. My degree is in aviation I put those skills to use with what know about electronics and hi fi stereo. Its best to put pure clean power through electronics i.e. more than what the hub motors can handle and fine tune the ESC’s – the results are amazing.

I call it the beast because it looks crude, ugly, and alpha male.

Later Big C!