Johnny VESC Repair Services --- NOW WITH SOLDERING TIPS!

Hello Everyone,

For those who don’t know me, my Name is Jean-François I’ve been a technicien in electronic for the last 13 year, and I’ve work 10 of them as a technicien specialize in troubleshooting and repair for high quality production line. I also do my work using with IPC and ISO standard.

I want to Offer my services at low cost, for repairing VESC. Since I’ve repair and build all my VESC so far, I’m not really aware of the repair market for the VESC. So, I’m not really sure if it is a good price, but my price is 30$ (parts include)+ shipping, I live in Canada, shipping price from the US is around 20-25. I also, want to set a turn around time of 24 to 48hrs after the reception.

I can also do more specific or out of the ordinary stuff… Like changing the color of your LCD, making weird Y connector or anything that require good soldering skill… ( but in these case price may vary, depending on the work needed).




A Vesc repairman is much needed in this community.


Nice to see a repair man! Only thing is, by the time you pay shipping to you and back it could end up being $80 and a new vesc from enertion is $89 right now. If people are willing to pay that though, why not? Again, the community needs it and good luck to you.

Thank Guys…

It’s sad to see all this good electronic go to waste.

But total cost is more around 60 for one (20-25 for the shipping take in consideration the send and return cost)


This is great Johnny! After all DRV failures going around we could really use a VESC repair shop. If you get enough interest you should make a website! :slight_smile:

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bulk repair would do :smiley:

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I’m always up for a challenge :wink:


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C’mon guys treat yourself for Chrismas and send your old Vesc for repair!!!

Or… help me finance a new pair oven glove…


Are you in the states?

Same Continent… just across the border, but not the one with a wall. (Canada)


Ah, that’s too bad. Was going to ask if you can repair my Raptor (Vesc problem) thru @onloop but I don’t think battery can cross that international lines :thinking:

Hey Guys… I’m trying to build a new series of video about soldering tips… So here the first episode about soldering silicone wire. Thank and feel free to comments.


GOOD TIPS!!! I just bought about 4ft silicone red and black 10awg wires and was waiting for something like this. I would always burn my fingers trying to hold in place as I soldered to th connector tabs. :head_bandage:

Lav you very much.

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I have one that needs fixed. (DRV)

Where do I ship to?

And this is a great service!!!


great thread!

Thanks for sharing your skills with the community! Here come the DRV repair request :joy:

Quick NEW UPDATE… for those who aren’t member of this forum but need some Repair you can easily use this email address :

[email protected]

Thanks JF


Quick Update: i’ve just get a new title under my belts… after Drv Wizard :


Good weekend guys :joy:


So I’ve got a couple dead TB VESC 4.12s lying around. They won’t connect to BLDC tool and I’m sure I’ve blown the DRV in both, and most likely the microcontrollers. For diagnosing anything else that might have gotten toasted, is there any direction you would point me in besides just perusing the vesc github and pulling out my (old as f) oscilloscope and multimeter?

Second video of tips @JohnnyMeduse??¿¿