JST EH-11 and EH-2 connectors


I have a Bestech BMS D596 for a 12s battery setup. According to https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/need-connector-for-my-bestech-bms/28475/21 (which is the previous version of the D596) this BMS has a JST EH 11 pin connector and a JST EH 2 pin connector.

Question: From the hell do I get JST EH connectors?? I saw every other kind of JST connectors (XH, PH etc) but no EH ones, especially none with 11-pins.

And: I live in germany so it would be great to have shipping costs of 20$ for a 2$ item :wink:.

Best regards Andreas

Um… Doesn’t 12s BMS’es have 13pin, and 10s - 11pin?

Litechpower has them, they are the distributer of bestech

Even if I could find those connnectors on the litechpower site (which I didn’t) shipping costs would be very high.



Shipping is 9$ I believe.

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Oh yes, you are right. Didn’t see that you can choose number of pins and form factor. If I don’t find an alternative I think I have to order it there

digikey and arrow appear to have JST EH (but you must crimp)

Thx to all. My BMS arrived today and the connectors where already included :). So problem solved itself.

Bms always include balance leads

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