Junk motor for mock up

Doesn’t have to be functional or rebuildable, total junk/crap is fine. Just looking for something I can use for test fitting my mount, trucks, wheels, and pulleys. I have a bit of trimming and mocking of parts to do.

This is for my first build. I ordered a Racerstar 5065 last night and it looks like it’ll be here June 10 (can’t believe how long it takes for eskate stuff to arrive)!?! Jeez, that’s like a month away.

US, Indiana

Try posting in the ‘wanted cheap or free… request only thread

Thanks! Did that just now.

Well if you want a Torqueboards 6355, I have 1 that you can have for free if you pay shipping. Sensors don’t work but everything else it totally fine and it is way better than a crappy racestar! I’m not taking it off the mount the old motor mount plate tho because the bolts are stripped. You will just have to drill the bolts out to get the plate off, then file the sides of the headless bolt so that you have flat sides to grab with a pliers and unscrew them. Should take about an hour of work.


I have 2 of em. First one to PayPal me $10 for shipping gets it! My email is [email protected]


image don’t think you can use these motor plates tho. They slide around like crazy under a lot of torque. Discrete bolts positions like the ones @marcmt88 has on his xbar mounts are way better.

I’ll take them if @IndyPilot dosen’t want them.

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Thanks. I’ll take one. PayPal incoming next.

Got it! 1 of them is yours!

What happened to those poor motors? They look destroyed

Paypal sent for the other! :beer:

If you’re still looking for this, maybe 3d print a can/mount?

Someone else mentioned a 3D printer. You guys assume I have a 3D printer, or access, or even know how to do CAD, lol! I’m an older dude. (chalkboards and mimeographs when I went to school). I can tune a carburetor and adjust ignition points. :grin:

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FYI both motors are spoken and paid for. I got quite a few messages and I am not going to take the time to respond to all of them. I gave them to the people who paid me $10 first, not the person that messaged me first. Sorry if this seems unfair, the reason I did it is because I get notifications on my phone when people PayPal me but not when people message me on the forum and I was busy today.