Just a quick question ya all!

IMG_20190319_141221 android Found this batteries for a very good price will this be a great replacement for lipo batteries?

No. LiFePO4 has a much lower energy density, and it looks like those cells are only rated for 20A continuous.

If you got them for like $1-2 each then maybe, but otherwise not worth it. You’d need a HUGE pack of those to get decent performance.

Even at $2 each, I’d use them for a larger EV like a bike or something, where size and energy density don’t matter as much.

Definitely, a no go on these batteries. They are too large. It can work, but continuous discharge is at 20 amps and you need 14 of these to have a voltage near a fully charge 10S battery. It’s LiFePO4 chemistry,

Its a group buy and only cost me 1$ for each cell, thanks for the quick response to my question.

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I’d use them for either a larger EV or maybe a static storage array. To match the discharge capacity of a 10s4p 30Q pack you’d need 56 of those, which would be absolutely ginormous and heavy.

Granted with a pack that large you’d have extreme range (3.5KWh) but I don’t think you’d be able to fit them under a board or between your feet on top.

I think it’d be pretty awesome for a gokart or something though.