Just blew my fuse anti spark 40A

Hi, i just blew my fuse 40 amp of my antispark switch. Can I use a 60A fuse instead? According with my setup i have 60amp setup on bldc vescs.

Depends, what type of battery do you have and what are its limits? Is there a BMS in your system and what are its limits? Also, before putting a stronger fuse in place, you should put a new 40a fuse in and turn your system on and see if the fuse blows with no load applied to see if you have a short.

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What was your max battery amp setting?

Hi, i haven 4 samsung 2500mah 20C liion connected in parallel. basically it is a 10s4p. i do not have a bms. it blew when i was testing the esk8 in a up hill at full throttle. my max amp setting is 60 amps for each vesc, i am running a dual vesc. i cannot find car fuse above 40amps. i was thinking to join two 30amps fuses or 2 40 amps. maybe it is a mistake… how do you guys usually do? thanks

If you have a 40A Fuse you have to set your Vesc to 40A battery too. Otherwise you´ll blow them everytime you go uphill like you did! I don´t know where you´re from but you should always find something if you simply type in “60A fuse”

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Like this one for example

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for EU people:

AAAAAAnd US people:

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