Just got a 3D printer, what can/can't I print for esk8 parts?

I am planning on upgrading my extruder to a E3D full metal, so i could print in some more exotic materials and hopefully not have melty issues : P

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if you were to print “sleds” for the 18650 cells I’d be interested in helping design it for copper and springs. or it’s probably already designed, I like this one:

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oooooh, that could work. Just found this on thingiverse, it actually looks perfect for what I want! 3 of them and I have 12s6p :smiley: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1080782

thats a pretty big brick though, you going to try to fit it under a board I imagine. how bout going for a single layer deep. 18mm wide. 12s 6p. a monster. maybe you aren’t trying to go under the board

Nah, I was planning on having it on top inbetween my feet, like this http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/diy-trampa-long-35-e-mtb-dual-maytech-120a-esc-sensored-emax-gt5345/2474/39?u=karmannghiagirl

Basically I want to make that board :slight_smile:

Im just getting into 3D printing…but I’ve printed 2 enclosures, gopro mounts, headlight mounts, wheel pulleys, a million little baubles :), etc. You looking for anything specific?

Can print: Wheel pulleys (80% infill PETG) - not tested with PLA or ABS GT2B Controller housings (Mad Monkey, Baby Buffalo, Sparkle, etc) Pulley and belt covers Enclosures for VESC, BMS, Receivers etc.

Probably can’t print: Motor pulleys - haven’t tested but can’t see them working well. Motor Mounts Enclosures for batteries. I know a few guys print these, but I have serious concerns over their strength on rough high speed stuff with large batteries. I’d trust a Velcro strap over a 3D printed enclosure.

Some test motor mounts. I made it 1/2 inch thick at the truck, and 1/4 thick by the motor.

100% Solid infill PLA Black - no cooling fan, hot temps for good strength - failed after 30 miles

100% solid infill PETG Green - no cooling fan, hot temps for good strength - failed after 1 mile on a big bump - this surprised me. Assumed it would last longer since PETG is more flexible.

maybe if you reinforced with some carbon the mount would hold up. I bet.

It’s interesting on carbon filled materials - this test showed the carbon filled PLA was significantly weaker than regular PLA. I wonder if I made it larger to adjust for shrinkage then baked it if it would have worked longer.

I also think Polycarb or Nylon would have held up fairly well, but those are really expensive materials, and really difficult to print with (moisture problems, heated enclosures, warping, etc)

Unless you mean carbon overlay on the 3d part? That’s an interesting idea and may work?

In the end though, nothing beats a good aluminum mount.

yea carbon overlay. just epoxy and carbon going across on both sides. pretty cheap

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But then you would get size variations from the epoxy cover. Pretty much I’d just stick to metal, maybe plastic for testing.

I dont understand you. why wouldnt epoxy and carbon covered 3d parts work? I thought you could remake anything if you printed it, maybe stacked a bunch together, and then carbon it. Someone on you tube made a 3d printed then carbon covered 747. . ok that didnt happen but i thought it could

If you want a strong and easy to print material use polymaker PC. I have been printing for a hobby and work for years and its by far my favorite material so far. Stronger than ABS with less shrinkage and no weird smell. http://www.polymaker.com/shop/polymaker-pc-max/

It does not get soft until around 115c so could work for hot applications.

I have made wheel pulleys with it and they hold up really good.

I think a motor mount is possible but its going to require a really smart design to even out the stresses and probably quite a bit of trial and error.



If you want a reliable printed board drive, you should try this one:


It is tested and durable.


I 3d printed pretty much every part of 10 boards now and they are all working fine.


Pretty cool! Any thoughts on settings / materials? Are those 50mm motors? My mounts would fail riding over harsh bumps/cracks, did you any issues with that?

Material is whatever was in tbe printer at the time pla or abs the mounts are so strong is does not matter. But they are so big that dual motors will only work diagonal. The motors are all sk3 6364 245kv. Running vescs with 14s8p battery’s.

I don’t have a pic right now, but we have these steel pins at work that might be a good fix. I’m just thinking out loud here, but what if you printed the mount with a 3/16 hole from the hanger clamp end to the motor plate end on both the top and bottom, then glued a rod in both slots?

If anyone wants to try it I literally have hundreds of the rods from 5/64 to 1 1/2 inches. I’d be glad to send a few for testing. Failing that I’ve got a small double kick I’m working on, might try it on that.


Would you mind sharing the motor mount STL? Looks like a good fit for a small double kicktail I’m working on.

I’ve been using my ABS wheel pulley for more than 300km and just a little wear

40% infill, the most important thing is to adjust the extrusion width so that your teeth has no voids inside it, and increasing the perimeters to 5 also help

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